Cathedral Rock Construction is dedicated to providing custom homes of the highest quality.
Our goal is to maintain integrity in design and structure so that our clients will enjoy
their homes for years to come.
A thorough background in the construction industry gives our company strength in the
technical aspects of building, while our strong focus on design allows us always to keep the
aesthetics of the project in the forefront.
As President of the company, my vision and expertise are directly involved in each home we build.
We take great pride in our homes and satisfied clients, and we hope to continue building creative,
structurally sound custom homes in the Tucson area for many years to come.

Carl H. Schwersinske

A Full Service Company

At Cathedral Rock Construction, we provide a full complement of services.
We work with clients in every phase of construction, from the inception of the design to execution 
of the completed project.
We consider both our clients’ dreams and their budget when we begin the process of building their home.
We are licensed and bonded and have been in business for over 20 years.
Registrar of Contractors Number 090008B

Site Evaluation

We conduct a site evaluation to determine the placement of the home and to insure a solid structural foundation. Soils and structural engineers are consulted as necessary.


We work with Clients through the bidding process to create a realistic budget that can turn your vision into reality.


Cathedral Rock Construction links its design creativity and experience with your needs and desires to create a unique reflection of your lifestyle.


Cathedral Rock employs licensed and bonded subcontractors who have built a consistent reputation in the Tucson area: The owner of Cathedral Rock personally oversees construction of each home we build. We research recent developments in the construction industry in order to incorporate the most efficient materials and techniques in our homes.

Customer Service

We maintain a strong commitment to customer service after your home is completed.




At Cathedral Rock Construction, we believe communication is vital in the homebuilding process. Clients have a direct link with the builder to communicate their ideas, questions, and concerns.